Mastic Gum 20G


The Chios Mastiha 100% natural mastic gum clean using mechanical methods.

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The Chios Mastiha,Mastic Gum,100% natural mastic gum clean using mechanical methods.

It is a 100% Greek product, and as such is registered by the European Union as PDO (PGI) name. It is only produced on the island of Chios, in the Aegean Sea, and especially in the Southern part in the Mastic villages or the so called ‘Mastichohoria’.

Even though people tried to take mastic to different countries in the past, amazingly enough mastic is impossible to grow in any other part of the world except Chios.

Today it is proven that mastic gum has therapeutic uses to lower cholesterol, prevent ulcers and ease blood pressure. Mastic is also used for Greek delicacies (ipovrixio), ice cream (kaimaki), drinks, baked goods, chewing gum, cosmetics such as toothpaste, lotions for the hair and skin and perfumes.


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