Iliada Greek Olive Oil Review

Iliada is famous Greek Olive Oil and Olive brand produced by a company called Agrovim, founded in 1994 by The Gyfteas family.  The brand itself is a tribute to Homer’s Iliad.

In order to maintain the Iliada brand the company buys over half of all the the PDO Kalamata olive production of the Messinia olive.  The Messinia olive itself is an award winning olive, so represents the perfect raw material to go into Iliada products.

PDO means “Protected Designation of Origin is both an opportunity for the producer and a guarantee for the consumer”. This highly sought after certification is awarded, by the EU, only to the highest quality oils.

Agrovim is certified to ISO, HACCP and BRC standards. It has received many awards for the quality of not only its products but also its packaging.  In Switzerland is has received the “PUBLICUMSFAVORIT” award, which means it was the favourite olive oil voted by consumers.

Iliada Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Iliada’s Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oils are pressed from Koroneiki olives from the slopes of Mount Taygetus located in the South of the Peloponnese east of Kalamata. These oils are ideal for fresh salads, grilled fish, white meat, raw sauces, pasta and vegetables.

ILIADA PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Golden Selection olive oil is produced from Koroneiki olives grown in Kalamata on the south of Greece. It has an intense grass green color with a beautiful herby flavor with a mild peppery aftertaste. It is harvested and cold-pressed in a traditional way, without the use of chemicals or preservatives.

It is available in a variety of sizes in both plastic bottle, glass bottle, and gorgeous cans.

Smooth, fresh and full bodled, gourmet Greek olive oil.
Harvested and cold-pressed without the use of chemicals or preservatives.
Richest source of mono-unsaturates for your healthy diet.
Gourmet condiment of Iliada PDO Kalamata.Product of Greece.


Iliada olive oil is almost good enough to drink! You can be assured that this product is a genuine greek olive oil.  It is hugely popular with restaurants, even italian restaurants!  And it isn’t all that expensive either, especially considering the quality